Analysis of policy options and debates on fostering economic growth and development in a global economy where national boundaries are no longer relevant. Topics covered will include real loanable funds markets in both local and international contexts during normal conditions and during financial crises, the design of trade and industrial policies, and the role of the World Bank, IMF, WTO, and other international agencies as well as regional and bilateral trade agreements. Emerging economies will be emphasized.

Minimum grade of C- in ECON200 and ECON201. Restriction: Must be in Economics Bachelor of Arts program.
Credits: 3
Grading Method: Regular, Pass-Fail, Audit

Course Offerings

    Fall 2024Instructor: Naveen Sarna
    Spring 2024Instructor: Naveen Sarna
    Fall 2023Instructor: Naveen Sarna
    Spring 2023Instructor: Naveen Sarna
    Fall 2022Instructor: Naveen Sarna
    Spring 2022Instructor: Naveen Sarna
    Fall 2021Instructor: Naveen Sarna
    Spring 2021Instructor: Naveen Sarna