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Program Information and Advising

An undergraduate Economics major can pursue either a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.).  Either choice provides excellent preparation for life after graduation, but they require different aptitudes and lead to different career tracks.  

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The Economics Department offers a variety of courses in micro and macroeconomics, statistics, economic policy, econometrics, and more.


Career and Internship Resources

Experiences outside the classroom help you put your knowledge of economics to work.  Campus resources enable you to find a career path matching your interests, identify internships, and strengthen your resume and interviewing skills.

Undergraduate research

Undergraduate Research

Internships with government agencies, businesses, and other organizations are plentiful in the Baltimore-DC area and provide experience in both policy-oriented and market-oriented research.  Academic research is best experienced via departmental honors or independent study. 

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Nearing the completion of your degree? Use the links in this section to learn more about the process of applying for graduation and commencement ceremonies.

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Preparing for Graduate School

Undergraduates who major in Economics have an excellent background for graduate study in a variety of disciplines. Use the links in this section to explore graduate education and get advice for choosing a graduate program. 


Department and Co-curricular Opportunities

Explore your interests and gain leadership experience by joining clubs, societies, and associations on campus. Expand your horizons via study abroad. Set yourself apart by applying for a scholarship or award.