Alka Gandhi is a senior lecturer in the Department of Economics. She completed her B.A. in Economics and Art History at Duke University in December of 1994. She received her M.A. in Economics from the University of Kansas in 1997 and her Ph.D. in Economics from Ohio State University in 2003. Her primary field of study is Economic History and her secondary field is Macroeconomics. Her dissertation examined the impact on several U.S. state banking systems of regulations imposed by state governments during the period before the Civil War (1830-1860). Her other research projects have included an examination of American overseas tourism and pedagogical research. Before returning to the University of Maryland in 2017, she taught at Lycoming College (2003-2007) and Northern Virginia Community College (2011-2017). She has taught the following courses: Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Economic History and Modern Development, American Economic History since the Civil War, Economic Statistics, Econometrics, History of Economic Thought, Economic Geography and various independent studies.



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    The Ohio State University, 2003
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    University of Kansas, 1996
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    Duke University, 1995
Course Name Course Title Semester Syllabus
ECON321 Economic Statistics Fall 2023
ECON422 Econometrics Fall 2023
ECON201 Principles of Macroeconomics Spring 2023
ECON321 Economic Statistics Spring 2023
ECON312 American Economics After the Civil War Spring 2023
ECON321 Economic Statistics Fall 2022
ECON422 Econometrics Fall 2022
ECON312 American Economics After the Civil War Fall 2022
ECON321 Economic Statistics Spring 2022
ECON325 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis Spring 2022
ECON422 Econometrics Spring 2022
ECON321 Economic Statistics Fall 2021
ECON312 American Economics After the Civil War Fall 2021
ECON321 Economic Statistics Spring 2021
ECON422 Econometrics Spring 2021
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