Typically, between 20 and 25 new students enter our Ph.D. program each fall. The scale of our program enables us to offer a broad range of field courses on a regular basis but still maintain a relatively low student-faculty ratio. The entering class is quite diverse. In most recent years, 48 percent of our entering students have been women, and over half have been international students. We are an affirmative action department and are especially interested in recruiting strong African-American, Hispanic-American and Native-American students to our Ph.D. program.

The Department of Economics is committed to supporting students and ensuring a fear-free, inclusive space where all students can thrive. The department recognizes non-binary gender identifications, as well as the difference between assigned biological sex and gender expression.  It encourages students, faculty and staff to share and honor preferred pronouns and names.

Our department is an Institutional Member of the American Society of Hispanic Economists. The ASHE works to elevate the standing of Hispanics and Latinos in the profession; it publishes a newsletter and alerts members to job postings as well as scholarship and grant opportunities.  Faculty and graduate students affiliated with the department can join the ASHE for free.

The department receives over 600 applications to the Ph.D. program every year, and admission standards are therefore quite high. Successful applicants must have a strong mathematics background; almost all of our entering students have completed three semesters of calculus and one semester in linear algebra at the time of application, and most successful applicants have additional math courses, such as differential equations and real analysis.

All applicants are required to have the GRE; the median quantitative GRE score of our recent entering classes is well above the 90th percentile. The Graduate School at the University of Maryland requires a minimum grade point average of B for entering students, but the Department's standard is well above this threshold.

Our department offers admission only to students interested in earning a Ph.D.  Our program is not designed for students who are interested only in a Master's degree. However, our Ph.D. students may obtain an M.A. degree during their program, either as a terminal degree for students leaving the Ph.D. program or as an intermediate sign of achievement for students who are continuing in the Ph.D. program.

For students who are interested in applied economics, but are not pursuing a Ph.D., the University of Maryland offers a Professional Masters in Applied Economics. This program is designed for working professionals; it is not appropriate preparation for a Ph.D. in economics. Contact masters [at] econ [dot] umd [dot] edu or visit http://masters.econ.umd.edu for more information.

We are not currently accepting applications for the Fall 2021 semester. Please check back on September 1, 2020.