Each time an issue of Job Openings for Economics is published, the department will contact each hiring institution with a promotion of our job market candidates, which will include a link to candidates' CVs. (Your CV will also be linked to from the official Job Placement List.) You may receive some inquiries as a result of this, and we may also get inquiries on your behalf.

Please use the following template, located at this link.

Type over the existing text to fit your own experience. Please leave the formatting unchanged and follow these guidelines:

  • Font is Times New Roman, 11 pt
  • Margins are 1 inch top, bottom, and sides
  • Maximum length is 2 pages
  • Headers are bold, all caps and flushed left
  • Text that follows header is indented; if an entry carries over to the next line, use the hanging indent option in addition to the indent
  • Please do not change the order in which the sections appear
  • If a section does not apply to you, do not include it
  • Ideally, a section should not spill over between pages. Please try to ensure that each page is self-contained.
  • Any section involving dates should be written in reverse chronological order
  • Be sure to only list contact information where you will be available throughout the job market season. For example, do not list an office number if you will be out of town in December and have no way to check your voicemail
  • In the EDUCATION subsection, the order of the information is as follows: Degree, Institution, Location (if necessary), Date
  • In the PAPERS AND PUBLICATIONS subsection:
    • If you have no publications, just title the section PAPERS.
    • List only papers for which you would be willing and able to give someone copies, if they asked.
  • In the TEACHING EXPERIENCE subsection, the order of the information is as follows: Position, Course, Place, Date
  • In the RESEARCH EXPERIENCE subsection, the order of the information is as follows: Position, Person or Place, Date, Description of duties (optional)
  • At the end of your CV you may include a subsection called ADDITIONAL INFORMATION where you may list (only) other information relevant to your job search.

Please send the CV to your advisor on or before September 6, 2019 to allow your advisor to check the CV. Please send the edited CV that incorporates your advisor's comments to Guido, Katharine, and Nolan by September 13, 2019. We will go over the CV and give you comments. A final, edited CV is due to the placement coordinator by September 28, 2018 if you are to be included in the Placement packet.

After this date, you are only allowed to make minor changes to the CV that is linked to from the Job Placement List.

We would like to have always the most current version of your CV, so we will link the one you provide in your website. For this reason we ask you to do the following:

  • Convert your CV to pdf and name it "username.pdf" where username is the same as the name that appears after ~ in your website address and your econ email address. For example, my cv would be called derasmo.pdf.
  • Place this file under your public_html directory.
  • These two steps imply that the link to your CV will be: http://econweb.umd.edu/~username/username.pdf
  • This file should keep the formatting guidelines we required so far (2 pages, etc, etc). If you want to have an extended version of your CV, please have it in a different link.