Karam Jo and Matthew Staiger, fourth-year students in the Economics Ph.D. program at Maryland, have both been awarded 2018 Dissertation Fellowships by the Ewing Kauffman Foundation.  The Kauffman Dissertation Fellowships are awarded annually to Ph.D. students who are doing research on entrepreneurship.  Karam and Matthew were two of only 16 winners nationwide, out of almost 150 applications.  They will both receive $20,000 in funding to support their dissertation research.  A complete list of Ph.D. students who have won university, departmental and external grants and awards can be found here:  //econ [dot] umd [dot] edu/owa/Harmon [at] econ [dot] umd [dot] edu/redir.aspx?SURL=1_LfRF_aIB42yCVcstdC2jJAeJNVsqyI4G54UQDh_5dIQITJtAnVCGgAdAB0AHAAcwA6AC8ALwB3AHcAdwAuAGUAYwBvAG4ALgB1AG0AZAAuAGUAZAB1AC8AZwByAGEAZAB1AGEAdABlAC8AYQB3AGEAcgBkAC0AdwBpAG4AbgBpAG4AZwAtAHMAdAB1AGQAZQBuAHQAcwA.&URL=https%3a%2f%2fwww.econ.umd.edu%2fgraduate%2faward-winning-students" target="_blank">https://www.econ.umd.edu/graduate/award-winning-students

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