Matthew Staiger, a rising fifth year student in our Ph.D. program, has been awarded $15,000 from the Washington Center for Equitable Growth to support his thesis research on how parental resources affect the career choices of young workers.   Matthew is one of 12 doctoral students nationwide who were given a grant from WCEG this cycle.   WCEG is a non-profit that (in its own words) is “dedicated to advancing evidence-based ideas and policies that promote strong, stable and broad-based economic growth.”  Learn more about the organization and their grant programs at //econ [dot] umd [dot] edu/owa/Harmon [at] econ [dot] umd [dot] edu/redir.aspx?SURL=QwnzkR-qG926ifNt31VkPHoq9v9MZKUlb2KMi7fAmuA2MEfxJPPVCGgAdAB0AHAAcwA6AC8ALwBlAHEAdQBpAHQAYQBiAGwAZQBnAHIAbwB3AHQAaAAuAG8AcgBnAC8A&" target="_blank"> 
Congratulations to Matt and to his main advisors, Professors Sebastian Galiani and John Haltiwanger
Matthew Staiger