Prof Guido Kuersteiner and Prof Ingmar Prucha, jointly with David Drukker from StataCorp, received funding from NIH/NIA for their project “New Methods of Inference and Software for the Empirical Analysis of Network Generated Data”.
The funding is for Phase I of an SBIR grant with Stata. The Phase I grant is for $150,000, and provides support for a Phase II application. The funding limit for Phase II is $1,000,000.
The general aim of the project is (i) to develop new statistical methods of estimation and hypothesis testing for network-generated observational data that will significantly expand the range of applications and (ii) to make those methods available to empirical researchers by implementing them in user-friendly, computationally efficient, large-data capable commands in the widely used statistical software Stata.
The grant builds on an earlier NIH/NIA grant by David Drukker, Harry Kelejian and Ingmar Prucha on “New Methods and Software for Spatial-Regression Analysis”, for which they received $750,000 in research funds.

Prof.  Kuersteiner and Prof. Prucha