Professor Melissa Kearney was elected by her peers in the economics profession to serve on the Executive Committee (the leadership board) of the American Economic Association (AEA). With over 18,000 members, the AEA is the most influential professional association of economists, and is generally perceived as the de facto governing body of the profession. The association’s activities include: setting professional standards for economists in academia, policy-making, and business; operating several of the leading journals, conferences, and awards in the field; and facilitating a centralized system that places newly minted PhD economists into jobs.

In her statement of purpose Professor Kearney writes that:

“I would serve with a commitment to make our profession more welcoming, inclusive, and diverse. I would like us to consider how our profession publishes, teaches, conducts seminars, and inspires young people to study economics. I would bring an open mind and a commitment to careful deliberation and high ideals.”

She will be joined on the Executive Committee by renowned economists David Card (President; University of California-Berkeley), Janice Eberly (Vice President; Northwestern University), Olivia S. Mitchell (Vice President; University of Pennsylvania), and Lisa D. Cook (Executive Committee Member; Michigan State University). More information on them can be found here.

Photo of Melissa Kearney