Professor Ginger Jin's recent publication in the American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, titled Is No News (Perceived As) Bad News? An Experimental Investigation of Information Disclosure (joint with Michael Luca at Harvard Business School and Daniel Martin at Northwestern Kellogg School of Management), has won the 2021 Best Paper Award of the Journal. This paper uses lab experiments to challenge the well-known "unraveling results" in economic theory. In particular, using a simple sender-receiver game, the paper finds that senders withhold more unfavorable information than the theory predicts, mostly because receivers are insufficiently skeptical about non-disclosed information in the absence of repeated feedback. The American Economic Journal: Microeconomics is one of the signature journals published by the American Economic Association, and the prestigious best paper award in this journal is given to one paper per year to recognize the paper's significant contribution to advance original research in microeconomics.

photo of professor Jin